• Custom Made Design

    Specification: Custom Made Designs We offer wide range of Custom Made designs. Pen drives, envelope , Hardover box and many more are the best promotional or corporate […]
  • Restaurant Menu

    Specification: Restaurant Menu Printing Menus are an essential aspect of any restaurant, or food or beverage service business. We offers menu printing for dine-in menus as well […]
  • Voucher Barcode Printing

    Specification: Voucher Barcode Printing Want to make a barcode? You’ve come to the right place. Select a tool below to make your own free barcode or […]
  • Packaging Design Box

    Specification : Packaging Design Box Printing Many types of businesses use custom packaging boxes that bear specific logos and designs. If this describes your business, then you […]
  • Paper Bag

    Specification: Paper Bag Whether you need a thousand paper bags or just a few, you’ll find what you want in our huge selection here at Paper […]
  • Table Calendar

    Specification: Table Calendar When you are away at work for long hours, you’d like to take a glimpse of your loved ones which are away from […]
  • Catalogues

    Specification: Catalogue Catalogues can be made to your specific requirements and are manufactured to the highest quality:  Any size, weight, colour or your specific material. Any closure […]
  • Brochure Printing

    Specification: Brochure If you’re looking for a Business Brochure or Personal Brochure printer in Petaling Jaya, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve been printing Brochures for […]
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  • Magazine Printing

    Specification: Magazine Printing We specialize in full-color magazine printing and print more than 100 publication titles per year. Captivate your audience with a jaw-dropping beautiful custom made full-color […]
    magazine 3